The Gallery Café
Decent Food, Decent Price

Cooked Breakfasts £3.25. Jacket potatoes, or Curry and Rice £2.75. Homemade Quich £1.75. Homemade  Bread and Butter Pudding £1.25p. Yorkshire pud, Beef, Mash, and Veg £4. Toasted Tea Cake 75p
Tea 80p, coffee 90p, cappuccino or latte£1.45, Hot Chocolate£1.00,
Homemade Scone 75p
Omlettes £1.75, Pancakes 80p each
LED Lights
Uses 90% less energy.
FREE UK delivery.
VAT inclusive prices.

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37 Queen Street, Scarborough, YO11 1HQ
We have something to offer everyone,  and Dogs are welcome.
Free WIFI, or you can you can use the cafe's own computer.
Get creative, bring your own project to do, knitting crotchet, sewing, etc.....
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Open till Closed Wednesday and Sunday
We have a small, cosy sofa room, where people can do their projects. knitting, crochet, sewing, cross stitch, card making, and painting.

Can also be used as a small meeting room for small groups of business people.
Sit and get inspired by the world of fine art as you enjoy a cappuccino or latte, and freshly made food, with Home made Quich. Jacket potatoes.  bread and butter pudding or stew in a bun.

You'll be suprised by our reasonably priced menu.

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WE also SELL

Himalayan Pink Salt  200g  £1.60
Dog Coats £7.99 -£12.99
matching Fleece size 10/12 £12.99
crochet hooks  £2
Lancaster colouring pencils £1
Fabric Paints £1.50
Jewlery and makup
perfume and soap
hand cream and bubble baths

keyrings £1